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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Brioche French Toast


Sometimes only something sweet and salty will do at breakfast and that's when I cook up some french toast and bacon with maple syrup.

You can use normal white bread for this but I prefer it with brioche. It's great if you have bread that's a few days old as it works better and is less likely to fall apart.

I have a sliced loaf of homemade brioche in the freezer and pick out a slice whenever I fancy ( or a guest orders french toast )

My daughter is also a great french toast aficionado but finishes her by dipping it in a bowl of caster sugar......


1 thick slice of brioche
1 egg
2tbs milk ( preferably full cream )
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp caster sugar
A large knob of butter
a few drops of sunflower oil

Beat together the egg, milk, vanilla and sugar in a wide shallow bowl. Dip the bread in for a couple of minutes on each side until soaked.

Add the butter and few drops of oil to a frying pan ( the oil has higher burning temperature and will stop the butter from burning ). Heat to a medium to medium /high heat then put in the toast. It'll need a couple of minutes on each side but keep an eye on it as it can burn very quickly.

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