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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Smoked Haddock Topped With a Poached Egg


We have another food scare in the news today, declaring the perils of eating red & processed meat. I've only seen the headlines & haven't read the study so I can't comment in detail.

I'm sure that eating too much of anything isn't good for you. So my approach is to try & eat & drink everything in moderation ( that's the theory it doesn't always work when I'm testing recipes :0). I love sausages but will probably only have a full English once or twice a month.

I think that if you come to a B&B you can afford to treat yourself for 2 or 3 days - in fact 95% of my guests will have some version of the cooked breakfast on their first day. But I also like to provide some healthier choices. Everyday on the buffet table we have natural & fruit yoghurts, homemade granola, muesli, granary bread to toast & fruit.

On the breakfast menu we always have smoothies & porridge. You can choose poached or scrambled eggs if you prefer....even the fried bread is homemade bread with no additives fried in olive oil...OK trying to persuade you fried bread is healthy is one step too far.

I do a daily special and this will sometimes be smoked haddock topped with a poached egg. I always use undyed smoked haddock. I poach it in fast simmering water ( most recipes suggest milk for smoked fish but I haven't noticed any difference using water ) for about 4 minutes then top with a grind of black pepper & a poached egg.


  1. Do you find poaching in water preferable to a quick go in the microwave?

  2. Elizabeth, I avoid using my microwave for cooking anything that doesn't need stirring as I always find it cooks some bits dry & leaves other bits raw! Have you a tip? Karen