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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Tattie Scones

Tattie Scones

Debbie ( with her husband Craig ) at Walford Court and I have both been running B&Bs a few miles apart for nearly 8 years now and never managed to meet. It's only since Debbie got onto Twitter that we've actually met for the first time. We now have a mutually useful friendship swapping eggs, chickens, tips & providing a friendly ear if things go wrong.

I've been after Debbie's Tattie Scone Recipe now for some time and have finally got it out of her! Tattie scones are a traditional recipe from Scotland ( Craig is from Scotland ) and here is how Debbie makes them.

"Tattie Scones are a Walford Court speciality, served as a starter with smoked salmon crème fraiche and home made pickles or a particular favourite as our Walford Court Special breakfast.

A Scottish leftovers recipe my husband considers the introduction of this particular dish to the Shropshire Herefordshire borders as an important part of his missionary work!

You start with chitting your potatoes….Ok lets skip that bit! Cook home-grown potatoes into a soft floury consistency, add more butter than is really good for you and mash with lots of sea salt and pepper. We usually start by serving this with our Walford Court AGA baked Herefordshire beef….but once the potatoes have cooled, add a little milk and then keep adding plain flour until you reach a dough like consistency - shape into patties approx 3 inch diameter and half inch depth and fry till golden brown. Serve with good quality butchers bacon perched on top, and balance a golden yolked free range egg on top of that….breakfast heaven.

As an alternative before you add the flour, put a chopped braeburn apple and some crumbled Shropshire Blue Cheese in with the potatoes, proceed to add flour and shape as above. They freeze beautifully too!

Summary of needs!




Plain flour

Plus apple and Shropshire blue cheese if you like the sound of that variation

….a healthy guilt-free appetite"



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